Shopping for Tires? What’s Included?

Buying tires is confusing. So many choices and it’s hard to figure out exactly what’s included in the price.

Online tire prices are cheap, but it’s for the tire only;  you’ll still need to find and pay someone to install your tires.

Chain stores bait and switch with free services like “front-end alignments” that don’t exist, or  “free snow tire changeovers”.  Others offer famous “Buy 3, get 1 tire free” deals to confuse you even more.

There’s nothing free in tires – You get what you pay for. We believe in being honest and upfront with you, with no surprises or hidden add-ons.

Shopping for tires at a sleazy tire shop

Here’s what’s included in our tire price:

The basics:

  1. Tire mounting – We take the old tire off and install a new one without damaging your wheels or car.
  2. High-speed balancing – We go a step further and use road-force optimization to give you the smoothest ride possible.
  3. Standard rubber valve stem – If needed.
  4. Scrap tire recycling – We will dispose of your old tires in an environmentally responsible way.

The included extras:

  1. Free Nitrogen Tire Inflation – Nitrogen helps your tires maintain proper tire pressure longer. Properly inflated tires wear longer, are more fuel efficient, and have increased tread life.
  2. Free TPMS Reset – When the tire warning symbol (an exclamation point inside a tire) lights up on your dashboard, it’s the TPMS sensor that triggered it. It means tire pressure is too low or too high. Whenever you buy tires this unit needs to be reset. Some tire dealers charge $20-$30 extra to reset this – We do it free.
  3. Free Tire Protection Plan – Just about every tire we sell is covered by road hazard protection – That means we’ll repair or replace your tires free for 12 months or 12,000 miles.
  4. Free Lifetime Rotations – Regular rotations every 5,000 miles extend tire life and should be part of your regular vehicle maintenance.

Shopping for tires shouldn’t be a mystery.

So forget the chain stores! At Kenwood Tire & Auto Service you’ll find honest advice, good tires, quality service, and the support you need to make your new tires a good investment.

Call (508) 583-5031 for a quote or shop us online – We’ll include everything we need to do the job right the first time.


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