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Severe Tire Cracking Michelin LTX

About Ozone & Weather-Cracking in Tires.

Tire cracking, also known as ozone, weather-cracking, and dry-rot can be a problem if left unchecked.  The #1 contributor to tire cracking is how often you drive because tire rubber contains antiozonant, an additive that prevents and slows the aging process. Antiozonant is also what makes your tires turn brown, also known as “tire blooming“. […]

in the summer 2020

COVID-19 Improvements

We wanted to assure you that we are doing everything we can to make your experience with us as comfortable as possible. Here are 5 COVID-19 improvements that we’ve made to our operations – Schedule service online. We’ve added an easy way to buy tires and book auto services. Touch-free check-in. Drop your keys in the […]

tesla model 3 at kenwood tire

EV Tires Explained

EV tires are tires designed specifically for electric vehicles — They’re lighter, more durable, and more expensive. The Tesla Model 3 comes with 235/40R19 Continental ProContact RX tires with ContiSilent technology. The tire has a unique tire design, with a layer of foam on the inside of the tire to dampen road noise. While this […]