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About Kenwood Tire

About Kenwood Tire

At Kenwood Tire & Auto Service today, we’re focused on creating a memorable experience for our customers.

But the Kenwood Tire story started in 1963 when Ken Wood, tired of selling tires from the back of his truck, bought the West Bridgewater Public Library, which was due to be demolished.

He took it off the town’s hands for a buck, but the historic building, built in the 1850s needed to be moved.

December 28, 1962, was moving day – Students, business people, and other curious onlookers lined the Rt.104 as the building slowly made its way, about 1/2 mile, to its new location at the corner of South Main and Ash Streets in West Bridgewater.

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As you can see, Kenwood Tire is not your average tire store – Ken Wood showed me the tire business, but more importantly taught me customer service; he always believed in “treating customers as he would want to be treated” and almost 60 years later that’s how we roll!
Find out more about our story here.

At Kenwood Tire & Auto Service we’re transcending tires, focused on creating a hassle-free and memorable experience for you.
If you live in Bridgewater, West Bridgewater, East Bridgewater, or Easton, Massachusetts, stop by my store. Or shop for tires and schedule service online 24/7 at my tire shop,

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