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Spencer Carruthers Owner of Kenwood Tire

Why Kenwood Tire?

Imagine if your tire store cared about doing the right thing. Imagine if they cared about your satisfaction and were there for you down the road. Welcome to Kenwood Tire and Auto Service, where we don’t run annoying TV commercials or sponsor pro athletes. Or use bait-and-switch and deception to get you in the store. […]

Nokian all-season & all-weather tires at Kenwood Tire

All-Season vs. All Weather Tires – Nokian WRG3

The term “all-season” is loosely used by tire manufacturers to describe a tire’s winter capabilities, but all-season tires are not designed for cold temperatures or rated for snow. Nokian Tyres coined the phrase “all-weather” with our winter in mind and the Nokian All-Weather WRG3 is perfect for New England driving conditions. With Nokian Tires, you get […]