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Road-Force For a Smooth Ride

We had 3 cars this week that had vibrations in the vehicle on the highway after getting tires at the dealer.

Today’s cars are lighter and tighter, their stiffer low profile tires transferring any vibrations to the driver.

And tires are not perfectly round. Every tire has a low-spot and high-spot, and it’s important to know where these are and match them to the wheel.

Randomly mounting tires cause vibration problems. Road-force tire & wheel balancing goes the extra step to avoid vibrations by “optimizing”, or matching the high spot of the wheel and the low spot of the tire.

It doesn’t matter the brand of tire, I recommend a road-force balance and optimize on every tire to fix vibrations before they leave the shop.

This 2007 Mustang Convertible had 4 new General G-MAX AS-05  tires mounted and high-speed balanced at another local shop, but the car was shaking like crazy on the highway.

Decent tire and the price was cheap. Too cheap! After 3 attempts at balancing the tires, the shop gave them our number.

The vibration was due to excessive road force in 3 of the 4 tires.

This is how we measure the road force with our Hunter GSP9700.

And see how we needed to “optimize” the tires by match mounting the stiffest part of the tire with the lowest point of the wheel.

It took us about an hour to fix these tires and cost the customer $100.

If you need tires, my advice is to look beyond the price; make sure your new tires are being road-force balanced, optimized, and checked for a smooth ride before the rubber hits the road.

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