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in the summer 2020

COVID-19 Improvements

We wanted to assure you that we are doing everything we can to make your experience with us as comfortable as possible.

Here are 5 COVID-19 improvements that we’ve made to our operations –

  1. Schedule service online. We’ve added an easy way to buy tires and book auto services.
  2. Touch-free check-in. Drop your keys in the after-hours box, or leave them in your car.
  3. Improved communications – WhatsApp, Facebook Message, text, and call us.
  4. Pay by phone. PayPal, Stripe, and Venmo.
  5. Internet tire installation. Shop online from home and get your tires shipped directly to us for installation.

And there are more COVID-19 improvements that are now part of everyday life., like sanitizing more often, using steering-wheel covers, gloves and face-masks, and social-distancing.

As we enter the post-coronavirus world of tires and auto service, we are looking for new ways to improve your experience, so don’t hesitate to let us know any special requests you may have.

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Getting you back on the road safely and securely is our #1 priority. 

Let us know how we can help.


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Why TireBuyer?

Everyone wins! TireBuyer has the best prices on all of the top brands of tires and wheels and they pay us a commission for your referral.

Online convenience and local experience mean you can research, read reviews, compare, and price shop tires, without feeling all alone.

How it Works –

  • Shop for tires at TireBuyer to choose from a huge selection of tires – even hard-to-find tires.
  • TireBuyer has a warehouse close to us and your tires are delivered right to us in 1-3 days.
  • Local installation starts at $30 per tire — Including mounting and high-speed balancing w/Road-Force Optimization.

Car, van, SUV, light truck, trailer, lawn, and garden, fleet, commercial, company-cars, livery, and ride-share. It doesn’t matter what you drive, TireBuyer has the tires and wheels for you at the lowest internet prices.

It’s super easy to start saving on tires and wheels. All you need is your tire-size or vehicle’s year, make, and model.

TireBuyer & Kenwood Tire make buying tires easy.

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Kenwood Tire & Auto Service is the tire store you can rely on for Independent tire advice, expert service, and value for money.
If you need tires today, check out our online tire catalog for fully-installed prices on tires we have in-stock.
Picture of the West Bridgewater Library being moved in 1963 to become the new home of Kenwood Tire

The Kenwood Tire Story

The Kenwood Tire story starts in 1963 when Ken Wood, tired of selling tires from the back of his truck,  started looking for a real location.

He heard that the West Bridgewater Public Library library, which also served as a schoolhouse in the 1800s, was due to be demolished to make way for a new school.

He offered the Town a buck and they accepted! Ken Wood saved a historical building and founded Kenwood Tire Company at the corner of South Main and Ash Streets in West Bridgewater.

The building needed to be moved and December 1962 was moving day. People lined the street as the building slowly made it’s way about 1/2 mile to its new location at the corner of South Main and Ash Streets in West Bridgewater.

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Ken Wood showed me the tire business; he always believed in “treating customers as you would want to be treated”, and always doing the right thing, even when no-one is looking.
If you’re looking for a tire store to treat you right, welcome to Kenwood Tire!
Spencer Carruthers Owner of Kenwood Tire

Why Choose Kenwood Tire?

Imagine if your tire store cared about doing the right thing? Imagine if they cared about your satisfaction and were there for you down the road?

At Kenwood Tire, we don’t run annoying TV commercials or sponsor pro athletes. We won’t use bait-and-switch tactics to get you in the store.

We simply do our best to impress every customer, so they’ll tell their friends and leave a review.

Don’t be tempted by the chain stores. Don’t trick yourself into thinking that you’re going to get a free alignment at Town Fair Tire. Or waste time with the chain stores, because there’s nothing “free” about “Buy 3 Tires, Get 1 Free” at NTB and Sullivan Tire!

If you need new tires, but don’t want to be taken advantage of, check us out. We’re here to make your “entire” experience as painless as possible.

At Kenwood Tire and Auto, we’ll try not to confuse you, and we won’t sell you more than you need. Instead, we’ll give you an honest, personal, independent opinion and recommendation on tires.

For more about us, read our reviews on GoogleYelp, and Surecritic.